Dreaming With Your Eyes Open

ImageHi! Since this is my first time of actually posting on a blog I’ve sworn to seriously take care of, I’m thinking of something that will come out as a bang. I’ve made lots and lots of literary works before that I find awesome but what I’m going to share today is an article which I just made this morning during our English class. I took it as a chance to post it here immediately to convince myself that I have really started a ‘thing’. So, I was not shocked when our professor didn’t arrive as early as what the time schedule says in my Form 5.

 To give you some hint about what my writing is supposed to say (Don’t expect too much because I made this for less than 30 minutes and the topics given were kind of overwhelming that it took me some time to process what I have to narrate). If you are familiar of Richard Rodriguez’s “The Achievement of Desire”, which I really found as a good piece of literary, then you might as well relate with the reasons why I wrote my own article in this manner.

Dreaming With Your Eyes Open

It was a Saturday morning as I wander along the Burnham Park. I could see the rays of sunlight striking on the ground where smoky vehicles and noisy commoners seem to frantically deal with the businesses of one another. There were these vendors and children whose home is on the streets. Suddenly, a strange feeling ran through my veins and to my heart. “Glimpse of hope for these people, It is I”.

When I was younger, I used to be that kind of child who had always strived for winning. I thought that if I joined all the contests that I’m opportuned to, I am going to discover myself. I attended press conferences for Campus Journalism, I participated Athletic Meets, I am a member of almost every club in school, and at the same time, an Altar Knight.- But it has never been a social life to me. I considered all of them as a battle wherein I must be the victor.

As I grew up, I realized that I lose my playmates. If there’s no special event outside, I am locked in my room or just inside the house. I am reading, writing, social networking-  everything that I could do for the development of myself. I didn’t care of anyone as long as I am confident of bringing home the medals. Who wouldn’t find it satisfying to see the people looking up to you?

Upon entering high school, I became more sensitive about my own accomplishments while I am insensitive about how others may feel. “I am following my dreams”, this I usually say. I was so numb that when people in the streets smile at me, I would turn my face away from them. I am easily pissed when somebody’s blocking my way. I never greeted people. I always frowned for the reason is “I am tired and sleepy from last night’s assignments. Please don’t mess up”. I lose track of the reality by feeding up the fantasies that selfish ambitions could offer me. I just made my world more miserable by thinking that other people’s lives are shameful because they weren’t as educated as me. I, who had lots of medals.

It was not until I found out I’m entering UP for college that I almost ended up being frustrated because I wasn’t the valedictorian. This new stage of life offered me something more than I could imagine- the real life, the real world, the real purpose of my existence. I knew what I wanted. I found myself. Instead of following my dreams, I am now glad to say, “I want  to live a life I’ve dreamt”.

Associating these common people I see everyday along the Session Road, Burnham Park, Cathedral, and more places, to the life I had before is like waking up from a nightmare. I couldn’t explain but every time I witness how hard their life could be, the higher hopes I gain for them and for me. As a scholar, I was benefited not just by free matriculation. I am being given the right education. A medal is not a stride where I can measure how far I’ve been but what matters is the motivation that keeps me going.

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