Highlights of my 16th Year

As I am writing, I’ve gotten an hour to live my 16th year of opportunity to exist. I would like to recall some of the highlights that made my world a brighter place to live in.



This is a collage edited by Joie. We met her during the Regional Schools Press Conference. There we’ve got to travel beyond discoveries and explorations. We didn’t ace it to the top, but we went home gaining the spirit of winning within our hearts.



Here is a wonderful surprise for my birthday. I didn’t upload the pictures of my celebration which mainly consists of hang-outs with friends.


We attended the Junior-Senior Promenade. The six other gorgeous girls are my best friends.


Gallons of heartfelt teardrops flowed as we had our retreat. In this photo, we went to Jollibee before heading home. Actually, we still went somewhere after that due to some projects that we were making. We had to make the best out of the few weeks left for us to bond as classmates, though not the last as friends.



We’re so busy then as we ran around completing our requirements: projects, extra-curriculars list, examinations, and a lot more.



The much-awaited graduation. I am with my best girlfriends, teary-eyed.


There I was given the ticket for an official trip to college.


I had my medical check-up in University of the Philippines- Baguio as preparation for the incoming enrollment.



It’s summer and I had to cut my hair for the temperature was too hot for me to handle. I would be short-haired on my first year just like how I looked when I was in high school (middle photo).



These are my bloc mates as we posed for some photos during our bonding in our representative’s mansion.



I am always early in going to school so I timed my camera and captured myself wearing the uniform in Badminton. We did our drills, games, and some lectures in the Human Kinetics Program Gym. Fact: I was the only left-handed student in that class.



Our bloc went to Camp John Hay for a photo shoot sponsored by UP Beta Sigma Sorority. We wore ordinary clothes since the theme is sleeping.


All of us who were residing at the #131 house transferred to a better place at #154.


Dad, Mom, and Angel met me in Sison, Pangasinan and slept for a night there. We went to my place in Baguio the next day.



This was my face last September as I encounter the -ber months in Baguio for the first time.



Look at how the semester left me, envisioning wider perspectives.


I felt jolly because I could go home after a half-year.


Me and my sister had been bonding all the time.



Kuya Jerome, Ate Abby, Ate Shiela, I, and Ate Shari- the people that comprise the house that we’ve made ‘our home’.



During the Holiday Season, a lot of amazing things had happened. One of them was when I met Selenite as we watched an MMFF movie. This is a collage of FRRANCE’s photos (though Josiel wasn’t able to go).

As it can be noticed, most of the pictures show the faces of my classmates and friends. Where is my family? Forever staying in my mind, heart, and soul. I am so grateful to God Almighty for giving me the blessings whether or not I’ve asked for any. He always know what I want, what I need, what plans suit me… Lord, thank you. The things that we never stop talking about will still remain as they are in my prayers, hopes, wishes, and dreams. Guide us so we may be able to improve versions of ourselves and influence other people, in good ways… through the best ways that we can. I love you. 

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