Honesty & Inspiration

Relatable article, indeed.

Creativity doesn’t grow on trees.  (I’m sorry if I’ve burst your bubble!)  I’m sure you’ve heard about artists block: those times of frustration and self doubt that every creative person feels.  Maybe you have experienced it yourself?  It’s horribly frustrating, untimely, uncaring, and dreary.   And creative dry-spells  seem to come when time is of the essence and productivity is especially important.

I’m kind of feeling the effect of one of these frustrating times right now.  But the good news is that even when inspired ideas don’t instantly come to mind without a bit of trial they can be trained.  Artists block is totally treatable!!  Rest, refreshment, time away, and new perspective are the very best medication.  It takes a lot of grace to be an artist – far more than we like to give.  You have to allow yourself to mess up and to fall short of your expectations…

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