Today’s To-Do List for the workplace: Don’t do the following if you want to survive


The more pressure there is the more manic, yet Zen, I tend to get. I have come to realize I enjoy working under pressure. Ok. Enjoy is too strong a word. I tend to thrive under pressure. I get focused and task oriented. Yet, I still manage to see the big picture. Many people wilt under pressure, getting unfocused and scattered in their thoughts. When I am not under pressure, which occurs rarely these days, I tend to lose focus. I suppose those moments of no pressure are surely needed to bring a restorative sense of balance.  This coming week will be one of those not-so-rare times where I have much to accomplish while on the business road.  As a result, today will be a day where I need to accomplish a hundred tasks by 4pm, go to my acupuncture appointment, followed by my physical therapy appointment, and then followed…

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