15 Secrets to Overcoming the Dark Side of Dreaming

15 Secrets to Overcoming the Dark Side of Dreaming.

There are two things that I’m probably “Pro” at:

First is PROductivity, and the next thing is PROcrastination. Both words can define a part of me as a person- a dreamer who brings out the maturity inside of me, a typical teenager who messes up with every plan I had for the rest of the day.

I don’t usually confine myself with just one side of the story for I always try to view a variety of perspectives that will immensely affect me as I make my decisions and actions. This, oftentimes, is what leads me to unexpected outcomes- be it positive or negative.

As an average teen girl who despite of being on the verge of giving up the hopes I only had, is trying to hold on to things no matter if they pain me a lot- also experiences flickering of lights that are bound to guide my journey. These lights are never gone yet the power supply is unstable. Sometimes ON and sometimes OFF. Those are times when I feel like my emotions are being played at. I’m scared and shattered.

But what else can I do? Shall I cry forever and let the sleepless nights of mourning take over? Or shall I wipe the tears off my eyes as the pair gets cleared for a better vision of what’s coming ahead? See, I got the choices. I wasn’t given the fate. Rather, I’m the creator of this life’s path… a life that’s the most wonderful thing I have ever been bestowed upon: to prove my worth and share its meaning to the ones I value the most.

Each of us was born with that burning passion inside our hearts that are yet to be nurtured. As time passes by, we develop this fire amid the coldest snowballs blocking the road that we’re taking. Some will lose the faith; and the others will ignite the flame even brighter and strive in spite of what seems to be so impossible to achieve.

Here’s where I can see myself at this very moment… Intimidated but inspired. Helpless but hopeful. Underestimated but motivated. Judged but immovable. Defeated but fighting. Failed but trying.

And as I read this blog article on 15 Secrets to Overcoming the Dark Side of Dreaming, I remembered that I am just alright. Yeah, I’ll be fine. I just found a way to let this raging thoughts flow with what I’ve typed upon waking up in the middle of the night- only to find out that what keeps me going is even more unutterable than the actual words I’ve been searching for.


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