Tapping the Fear-side of Motivation

Tapping the Fear-side of Motivation.

I find this article quite relevant to what I am made up of, how I am molded, why I’ve kept through the succeeding chapters of my life right now- fears. Sometimes, I may seem so tough but behind this poker face is the frightened little girl who’s always expected of something… always have to prove herself and try to convince the world that she is strong enough despite whatever it is that threatens her.

The message of this blog post I’ve encountered late last evening is similar to my current sentiments. I can say that it does make sense. As for me, I’m scared. I’m always scared. No matter how hard I try to maintain some positive outlook towards life, I know that a part of me will have a space for fears.

But you know what? I definitely could not attain the person, that motivated person, who strives to live until this day- without the fears which have been pushing me all along. I don’t think I would try escaping out of my comfort zone if not threatened by fear that I’ll never succeed. I don’t think I would dare taking a strange move if not threatened that I’ll never get too far. I don’t think I would wake up from a deep sleep on a fluffy bed if not threatened that I might be stuck on daydreaming alone.

Of course we all have to face the reality and move on. These freaking fears do not care of our emotions. They are actually blessings in disguise for they let us touch what we thought was impossible to reach.


At end of the day, we’re left amused; or even left wondering who was that person before? who will that person be? Because today, it is still you, as it is me. Fears are bridges that connect the finest lines among ourselves, and at the same time, doors that open up for possibilities.

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3 thoughts on “Tapping the Fear-side of Motivation

  1. Really like: “doors that open up for possibilities.”

    Did you catch this? “What If You Weren’t Afraid?”

    http://holisticwayfarer.com/2014/02/26/what-if-you-werent-afraid/ =)

    Appreciate the thoughtful writing here.

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