A Letter to the young, the (less than) bold, and the creative.

Letter to the young, the (less-than) bold, and the creative.. by artist Emily Jeffords &  BeautifulHelloBlog.com

Dear young creative,

You are incredible.  It’s true, everyone is incredible, but you are different, you set yourself apart from the rest.  You are creative.  You know how to think outside the box.  You are inventive, thoughtful, and expressive in ways that make others take note.

But you’re scared.  And you know what? that’s ok. Your fear keeps you safe and tells you where your boundaries are.  But push them.  Push yourself.  Grow.

What is your passion? What are you willing to suffer for?  BeautifulHelloBlog.com

The beautiful thing about being a professional artist (and when I say “artist” I mean almost all creative fields)  is that you don’t have to see the finish line.  You are creating your own lines as you go.  You are free to shift, move, grown, slowdown, change, and evolve as needed.  It’s liberating to know that as you follow your passion you can define your own success.

Remember to play to your strengths. Where do you excel?…

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