It’s nice to be back!

Hello, wonderful people! I’m glad that I finally find my way back here. It’s been months that I’ve been trying to create my blog posts. Despite the fact that I almost give up, I really just can’t let go of this site. I’ve fallen in love with it and I truly hope that this love goes unconditional until the end of time. Well this is one dramatic paragraph, huh!

I might have missed a lot of things to say, experiences to share, moments to cherish through typing, memories to preserve, thoughts to be spoken, and a lot more ideas to get you influenced… still I am so grateful that I have the chance, again, of posting here. I will try my best to commit to it everyday no matter what it takes.

So the next words you’re about to read was my status two days ago (just to keep this going):

Today, let me share to you a moronic experience of these people who tried to rob me just a while ago 😁

I was walking along General Luna Road when an establishment employee hastily ran towards me. “Ading! (term used to address younger ones) May nangialam ng bag mo. Pinakialaman ng lalaki yung bag mo.” People were already looking at me. Of course I got confused so I checked my backpack. Shit, a pocket was opened- where I’d always place my wallet and phone.

“Ayun, tingnan mo. Naka-bonnet na black. ‘Wag mo lang sabihin na ako ang nagturo sa kanya ah”. I don’t know if I could still trust this man so I wasn’t able to thank him. I hurriedly followed the pickpocket only to find out that (I assume) he’s with his girlfriend.

They walked faster as if they really did something that would make them feel so guilty. The man was aware of me. I was just behind them while I was checking my things. I am quite surprised to know that my wallet and phone were still with me. Ha! It’s still weird but I already stopped chasing the freaks.

As I got home safe and sound, I was about to look for the keys to open the door; but the pouch was nowhere to be found. Oh no I see what they’ve gotten from me. Shall I laugh?

Dear couple… First, you dressed much better than me with those high-cut boots and leather jackets that you, sort of, look like some Hollywood superstars. Second, your bodies are bigger than my parents’ so I hope you’ve had, at least, thought of some decent jobs. Lastly, with all my heart, I give to you my pouch which contains ripped papers, candy wrappers, a photo of me with my three siblings, and my favorite rosary. I hope you had a nice encounter with me.

Stay safe everyone. God is great. ❤


So I guess this is it for now. I’m looking forward for such greater sharing and greater days ahead!

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