Even if other people cannot impose discipline among themselves, doesn’t mean it’s fine if you get carried away. The bottom line is you still have to go against the flow when you think it’s not leading you the right path.

You have to at least be strong by yourself, for real. Gain the strength you need by doing things you love the most.

As for those you dislike but can’t avoid, embrace them. Get mad but don’t let it take too long. It is through the hardest times that you discover a lot more things about your inner being.

Don’t forget to smile. At the end of the day, you’ll realize it’s all worth the tears you’ve poured into.

That this is not yet the end… that the journey have just begun… that you might not be there yet, but you know… and you can feel… that you’re on your way.

Keep still. You can only be bent, not broken. They may shake you, but who are you to never falter? The answer lies on the question itself. You are you no matter what comes next, no matter what comes before.

This moment is a time for you to think. What keeps you until here? Those lazy ass people you encounter everyday who remind you that life can be as boring as theirs? Or those hard-to-beat people who amaze everyone else, stunning us… the remainder of the world: how do they survive?

Simply because they strive for life. You, too, can get a living. Work hard and be the person you truly want to become. Be the person you won’t hate to meet through the mirror.

The change you want to see is right inside of you. It won’t start from others unto whom you expect will do things for you. Come on. If you want something done, do it yourself. Do wonders.

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