Warrior Poet Wisdom


We are Warriors and we are indomitable
Because we’ve unlearned what we’ve learned, because we pulled the wool
Away from our eyes and we took responsibility
For every single thing that frustrates, upsets and hurts we
Nothing and no one can influence just how we feel
Because we always embrace each uncomfortable ordeal
We do not run, we do not hide, we engage and withstand
We let each jab and hook and uppercut that life throws land
And we have learned that each punch does not have near enough power
To keep us down for the 10 count, so now we never cower
When normals wish it would just go away, we simply smile
And in that painful, awkward hell, we walk the extra mile
Indomitable are we, unconquerable and unsubdued
Simply because we changed how our struggles were all viewed:
As opportunities to forge the blade within the…

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