That put you inside

The pressure cooker

Insisting you survive


Who told you so

That you must be perfect

When you barely pass

Those freaking tests


Nobody pushes you

On the verge of death

But yourself

Resistance of judgments


Why won’t you accept

If criticisms are constructive

Don’t you even dare

To escape so frantic


Like now

You’ve been typing

These words in

Five minutes


As the fingers

In your hand

Sway in the air

Bid good bye


Next is steadily


Promising shadows

That you wouldn’t break


Yeah, you couldn’t break

Records of notable

Dilemmas and sparks

You must not break down


Look up

To the sky

And never ever attempt

To close your eyes


From this world

All you have is you

All they have is you

You decide


Whether to sleep

Or stay awake

The reality is out there

Waiting to be lived


Dreams are chances

For you to imagine

The days you weren’t able

To reach out


Now is the time

To start over and stand up

Words spoken are more

Heartfelt when done

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