Do The Work

Warrior Poet Wisdom

Do The Work

A common response people have to many of my writes:
“If only we could be that strong and ascend to those heights”
Wishing will not get you there and waiting won’t help you
A Warrior once told me how, I’ll pass it on to you:
“Do the work,” he simply said and then sat silently
From his quiet tone I could tell that he could foresee
That most people he told this to would never do the work
They want the giant muscles but don’t do the clean and jerk
They want the toned athletic shape but do not want to sweat
They want to live a stress free life but continue to fret
They want the wisdom to live lives of substance, meaning, hope
But when the writings of wise men appear, they just say, “Nope”
“I’m not much for reading” or “I’m too busy right…

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