Your Worst Enemy

Warrior Poet Wisdom


Your Worst Enemy

Your worst enemy is not a foe who caused you harm
Nor a former friend who did betray you with their charm
It’s not a former lover who ripped out your tender heart
It’s not a boss who treats you poorly at every day’s start
Here it is, the shocking truth, the plot twist in your tale:
YOU are your worst enemy, it’s YOU who drive the nail
Right into yourself each time you think others betray
Wake up, smell the coffee, no one thinks of you that way
You don’t have rivals in your life, you’re not Luke Skywalker
There is no villain clad in black, you don’t have a stalker
No one’s keeping tabs on you and plotting your demise
NO ONE GIVES A SHIT so wake up and open your eyes
All these crimes you think that have been wrought against poor you

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