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What’s Good About Losing

A chilly evening, guys! This time I’m going to share to you an article I wrote back when I was in high school. It’s just an ordinary piece of literary that was once published by maBCAS. It’s not the kind of work that goes too deep but something that comes from the heart… because I, too, had experienced failing. Through this, I’ve found a way to actually motivate myself and other people to never give up. We all pass through thick and thin moments. We’re being challenged- and sometimes it’s not actually the destination that really matters. It is about the journey and how we traveled it.

Always winning can be boring. Let us try the different spices all over. Cheer up, man! 

What’s Good About Losing

“Congratulations!”- Who wouldn’t like to be acknowledged for a job well done? A loser might have wished to hear this, too.

Everytime a sun sets off is a sign of another day coming towards us. People would always have to prove something. Bring up the best. Get the tasks accomplished. Stand out among the crowd. That’s us. We believe that we deserve to be accredited. No more. No less. But what we wanted cannot always happen. ‘Expect the unexpected’, they usually say. Expectations and disappointments may come out together. It is not always a wonderful surprise or a planned activity that is to be followed. We just have to deal with the stresses of life… and a follow-up question “How could I even…?”

Accept the fact that we all have a turn to lose! Life is hard and unruly. We are all warriors by chance with our lives as swords and this world as the battleground. We cannot please everyone just by being ‘an ordinary man with his typical exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide processed in an entire life’. A fight is what it takes to win and therefore be hailed as a victor. From simply winning a writing contest or a marathon, into winning a deal from foreign investors or be recognized in a business forum, even until winning the nation’s Presidence candidacy or one’s self being featured in the coverpage of Forbes magazine- can be regarded as an adventure, a voyage sailed by a battleship. Two chances at stake, and those are: whether to make it or not.

Winning set aside, there’s something to look forward into. An essence of what is really worth fighting for would make us realize how our struggles could make our hopes and dreams come true, without a fear of losing. Some people might still had a doubt and others might say “I think I was born to be a loser just how it sucks to be me”. But does that person really know the purpose of his existence? Will God ever create man to lose everything under the sun? Definitely, the answer is NO. We are all reared in purpose, not ever the same but has something to contribute to the planet Earth.

Can you imagine yourself living in a perfect world? No worries and no mistake. The thrill is nowhere to be found. No more learnings, not even surprises to burst us the excitement. A boring vicinity surrounds the atmosphere. Just like how it may actually look like in a battle without a winner and a loser. A winner could have had it all yet a loser could have had more than that. That’s what is great about losing. The real wisdom of why losers are considered worth existing. Without them, a low-lying spirit could have just been contented with a passion itself. There’s a significance why there exists a loser in every battle for a tough man will consider ‘losing’ as part of his way to success and that determination and dedication are always at risk as wealthy foundation of becoming an even greater individual.

No matter what happens, there’s a fight to continue and its principles to pursue. Win or lose, a noble heart can resist whatever the result may be. There’s always a better day that lies ahead and much more reasons to prove one’s self as a wonderful creation of God. And that what makes everyone a champion. So now, do you think simply being ‘you’ is the good thing about losing?

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Men in Bulletproof


“It’s hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it’s harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want.” –Anonymous

I honestly messed up a little today that it is difficult for me to enumerate all the things that I had trouble with. ‘Lessons learned’, as usual. These circumstances weren’t totally destructive to a person’s life. Definitely I complain and rant less as time passes by not just because people around me were too busy to listen, but because I do not find the use of these unessential things in my daily living. Nowadays, I’m trying to focus on what else I can do rather than regret what I could have done in the past- this is it for this day!

The photo is a depiction of my future self; although I considered that ‘that dream of mine’ is already being lived, I am still looking forward that I’m going to make it happen for real (as a professional) when time comes, with God’s grace. This article that I post today is actually about “Campus Journalism: Championing Ethics in Social Media” that I wrote back when I was in high school (Although there were lots of errors and ambiguities that can be found if I actually proofread this from a collegiate viewpoint, I still chose to preserve the way I’ve written it when I was younger). For me, it’s worth sharing because I believe that this is a tiny but sweet appreciation to our passionate young journalists- which can also apply to the role of adults whose expertise is Journalism.

Men in Bulletproof

“… As in war, it is easy to be a sniper and kill somebody from a long distance since the target is not aware of the sniper’s presence until the last minute…”

[quoted from: Responsibility of social media UGNAYAN By Manny L. Garcia (The Philippine Star) | October 28, 2012]

Freedom is a once-in-a-lifetime privilege we were all given access to. As a Filipino under the rule of a democratic country, I inhabit so many chances of expressing myself. Speech communication, public speaking, broadcasting, recitals, and much more. With these actions being disseminated through the public, I should be held responsible enough to face the consequences that lie ahead. Some skills I could have acquired might be listening to sounds few could only hear and viewing such scenes nobody else sees. This is something special because I am a campus journalist.

Internet. Television. Radio. Mobile phones. Four resources out of a myriad count of devices from which updates and information were being looked at. For positive instances, it could either be the root of knowledge, source of inspiration, or means of entertainment to most of the people- but everything has been set with limits. Reflecting on how I perceive a dimension of what is being viewed by the public was just the half of the actual situation. Reminiscent of the ‘Amalayer’ girl’s viral video wherein it garnered higher views on Youtube than the posted videos of their interview on what has really happened. Mon Tulfo’s encounter with Raymart Santiago with his wife Claudine Barretto in an airport wherein the riot between the opposing camps was being recorded yet it is not everyone who knows what happened before the altercation. Posted videos of a traffic enforcer berated by a motorist, and a restaurant cashier being assaulted by a man because of a mistake in asking him his food bill.

Our society has its values slowly depleting. It is a fast-paced world where judgments come hitting from those who are one-sided, living just the half of the truth. Social networking can bring harm, too. While the issue has been depicted, jury is then dictated. Like shots of firearms on its speed unto an inquiry of thrown misconducts against victims of injustice.

As a Campus Journalist, I know what lies ahead. If others cannot be responsible by themselves, I am well-informed that I am skilled to take a lead in conducting them the guidance they need. Lines of defense are just there in case of morality degradation. It is the role of Campus Journalism to remain track in protecting the rights of our fellowmen and providing safety from threatened reputations. We are practiced as responsible citizens, who no matter what and no matter when could risk ourselves and spend our life in service of others. Stakes are risen and we must acknowledge the value in preserving the Human Rights.

Bullets may be fired but the endurance of pain is the strength that we gather from our fellowmen. Social media is a provider of hope and not of despair. Campus journalists boost morality and make them realize what defines dignity. We are the Men in Bulletproof.

Dare to call us in case of emergency.

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