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How the Music of Genuine Education Sounds Like

February 16, 2015


I can hear the revolution happening.

Five steps away from the gate of a school located in Camp 8 Baguio City- today I realized one thing: Education is, indeed, more than just a system for learning. There came a myriad thought with every stride I had taken. I had just been brought in a moment when simple actions were put into significance, where a clearer view of the education’s meaning was developed. Literacy Training Service as part of the National Training Service Program in UP Baguio is a course which I shall pass but it’s leading me further. I observed.

School is a cradle for diversity. It is a place wherein people of different appearances, ages, races, attitudes, interests, beliefs, and customs are merged for a purpose. Think of the students who are raised from different places, through different traditions, of different families- while they are called as “classmates” inside the four corners of a room. Think of the teachers who are extending their horizons in spite of their personal contexts. Think of the institution itself as a foundation of the conventional knowledge gained in a variety of ways.

It was a bright Monday morning. The vehicles were roaming around the city. The vendors surrounding the school began to arrange their goods. The younger ones were accompanied by their guardians while the older ones were guarded by the man whose long-sleeves shirt had been printed with the capital letters of “security”. The bell rang before the utterly confused crowd had fallen in line. The volume of the noise softened as the teachers stared. Everyone got ready for the flag ceremony. Whenever there would be loudening of unnecessary sounds such as chattering of voices, the Principal had to interrupt the ongoing ceremony, as the noise was restrained, to keep its decency.

The day had just started yet it seemed that things must be in control. Discipline, obedience, responsibility, patience, and industry might be the proper terms to describe what it takes to go to school and push through studying. Sports, academics, and practical applications to real life situations are being taught here. Is this education? Considering the techniques used by the teachers to implement their lessons and assessments of what was learned; would these things matter as a complete representation of education’s definition? I wondered.

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” (Hutchins, 1899-1977) According to this educational philosopher, education’s main goal is to let the youth learn the things that could guide them within a lifetime. Thus, education includes not just the subjects namely English, Math, Science, Civics, Music, and more; but it also consists of the knowledge which can be directly used in dealing with the conditions of life in reality. For those elementary students I had encountered around the campus, I knew that their class schedule had been composed of rigorous discourses. For them, those were the longest hours of their day occurring at least five times a week. As time would pass by, I do believe, these young people could carry on heavier tasks as part of the learning process.

As a theologian would say, “the great end of education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mind; to train it to the use of its own powers rather than to fill it with the accumulation of others.” (Edwards, 1809-1894) This is another quote suggesting that education is not a process wherein a person can be supplied with wisdom which is merely coming from one or two mentor(s)/instructor(s). It is a way of living as it is part of a person’s life. It is not only through school that a person learns. It is not only through the formal standards of “knowing” that a person gets educated. Therefore, education is never a confinement.

Pedagogy of the Oppressed, as one of a myriad point of reference to consider, is a ground-breaking form of discussion about how the mainstream definition of education can create dogmatism in the social order. For this, social awareness is a must. “Education as the practice of freedom – as opposed to education as the practice of domination – denies that man is abstract, isolated, independent, and unattached to the world; it also denies that the world exists as a reality apart from men.” (Freire, 1968) The relevance of this quote to my recent experiences of teaching and being taught is the fact that education must focus on providing the people the opportunities to cultivate their own capabilities. In order for them to survive in this society, students who are willing to learn shall be free from the eyes of prejudice and injustice.

I am quite impressed with the dimension that I am able to see this time. It is noticeably wider and deeper in perspective. Having experienced both worlds of being a teacher of graduating students in elementary and being a student of a premiere university have granted me the eyes of integrity: Education is worth struggling for. As long as there are teachers who are virtuous to their jobs and as long as there are students who are enthusiastic to their studies, education cannot easily falter. While there is a generation who yearns for the sweetness of defeat and the spice of fulfillment (how it tastes like to aim for knowledge and beat one’s old unproductive self), education will remain accessible- be it inside or outside a formal institution.

Meanwhile, I still couldn’t forget the smiles of those children. They stayed as the human that they were yet I could feel that a part of them had been changing. A piece of their character stepped up to the next level. They might not perceive the whole transformation but it just wouldn’t keep them hanging forever.

Education can never be concealed. Numerical values may indicate how much progress the students have made. Perhaps the true measurement of improvement is not identified merely through quizzes, chapter tests, and periodical exams. Being educated is more than being able to submit the requirements on time, perform the assigned activities, and have a perfect attendance. It is not just the school that an educated human being shall go to because education imposes no boundaries. Real education does not limit a person’s capacity. It is always self-transcending.

Revolution, in its basic sense, is: a fundamental change, a movement, an extreme start– as phrases cited from Merriam-Webster Dictionary. How does this term relate to education?


Education changes the lives of the people. It serves as a catalyst to innovate our society. It can be regarded as form of revolution because just like the heroes of our country who started a revolution to protect our nation, education saves our people. It saves us from ignorance and irrationality. Similar to those warriors who are not daunted to take risks in the battleground, education continues to struggle not just for the survival of the human intellect but for the rest of the aspects possibly existing in the universe as well.

I can hear the revolution happening. Can you hear it, too?

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Drowned by these mountain-piled

Papers not by tears

Outrageous flow of courage

Extracted universe

Now it’s thirst for fulfillment

That insists to empower

Such fuel can never

Ever get dry

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Happy birthday bruuuuuuh. :D

– For the second time around, I’m greeting another brother of mine with the same line. He even requested my mom to delay his birthday celebration for three days so that I can join them when I go home.



Here is my younger brother, Rafael Ivan.

Perhaps he is not the very clingy type of person, I admire him for being a responsible and thoughtful child. He makes sure that the important people around him are well taken care of. He actually cares a lot even though there are times that he will not directly show it to us. I can say that in our brood, he is the most reserved and conservative person because he is usually the one who keeps his money well, and other stuffs that can testify to such statement. What is good about this is that he turns out to be resourceful. He cannot resist seeing his loved ones enduring difficulties so he finds ways to help as much as he can- indeed, a practical yet loving man. He always tries to work hard to achieve the goals he really wants. I am so proud that he is my brother. Yeah he may have the looks. He’s into sports, too. Similar to what I’ve said to my previous related post, I don’t tell it to him/ them too often because I am not fond of telling sentimental things to my family members. It gets too mainstream for me. As long as I know he has me and I have him, I’m sure I’ll strive for the best to succeed in our endeavor.

We used to grow up together so I know much about him. Now that I’m in college and I have to live away from them, I still do not forget the moments whenever we used to have our simple bonding (there will be small fights though oftentimes we collaborate with each other)- If they only know how much I miss them, how much they give me strength to continue fighting, how much they motivate me to be better and excel in everything that I do. I want to thank my brother for all the things he has sacrificed for me and for our family. I definitely would have to avoid the wrong path because I have yet to prove that this is all worth it and someday I’m going to pay him back. While we have each other, I can carry on.


Day and night

Rain or shine

I’ll find a light

That is divine


For you dear brother

Is the very reason why

Ate must be tougher

Struggles, I can defy.


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Sometimes I just want to get lost for a moment; but then I remember I can’t ditch chances one last time- we all get better than this.

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Happy birthday bruuuuuuh. :D

– Those were the only words I have posted on his facebook wall, and nothing else. I don’t think he would appreciate it very much if I put on some clingy messages and photos to show in public. What I am actually doing is to make a phone call to greet him. Perhaps I cannot explain that feeling when my siblings are having their birthdays consecutively and I’m not even home to celebrate with them.

I hope they understand. I hope they know that while I’m physically away, my heart is left with them. There’s not a day that I do not think of them whereas they are the foundation, the push, and the motivation that keeps me going.

Well, whoever you are reading this right now… I am warning you. The following texts are emotional. The writer has been carried away!




Here is my youngest brother, Romson Simon.

He is our sweet little boy who will soon grow up into a man, still a very caring and loving man. In our brood, he is usually the most laid-back; but when he starts working on a task that he is really passionate about, he transforms into his creative and hardworking side. Also, he is a sporty kind of guy. He may be a mischievous child but he is thoughtful, too. He does not pretend for he tells what he thinks and means it. He is strategic more than the academic type of person when dealing with real life situations. I am quite proud of him and he does not know that. Why? Because we are not the ultimate showy people who praise each other. We frankly point out our flaws yet deep inside, we know we’re one another’s best.

I know him because we used to grow up together- one home, one family. Until the time came that I have to leave our house because I’m stepping into college. I miss my siblings so much but I do not tell them because I do not want to relive the feelings that can make them sad. Each time I feel that pain of not seeing them for months, I try my best to fight. I study hard to finish my schooling and find a job that will ideally support them. My mind has been set to give back to them every single thing that they have sacrificed for me. I owe them my life.


Day and night

Rain or shine

I’ll find a light

That is divine


For you dear brother

Is the very reason why

Ate must be tougher

Struggles, I can defy.





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Now here’s a piece of motivation (at least for me haha how ironic this could be) that would sum up how I feel tonight. I just realized there are few weeks left before I can finally slap these words right to my freaking face: “Uuwi ka na!” [You are going home!] Uh-oh.

Enjoy such hell weeks with a #GamefaceOn

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When Wounds Whirled Wisdom

Just, never get tired of trying. Positivity, persistence, and patience are what you need to keep on track. Don’t lose that sense of wonder you’ve been holding on for too long. You’ve not been this far to stop and acquire nothing. You might feel down for a while but that does not mean staying in the darkness. Another day will come and you will find new reasons to continue searching for the light. You will realize that everything pays off. Of course you wouldn’t like to harvest rotten fruits at the end of the season, would you?

So smile! Yes, you who’s reading this right now. Why should you?

Because you are wonderful…

for waking up this morning even if you feel like laying down all day

for pursuing the plans you’ve drafted the last time you feel excited

for beaming like how the sun shines to everyone on your way

for cheering up the vibes though you already feel exhausted

for staying in tune with the path that you have chosen

for striving despite the verdicts’ eyes on your acts

for struggling while heat seems so frozen

for risking across a myriad cracks

for fighting with all your heart

for trying with all your might

for breathing until tonight


Remember that while there are things which make you feel you’re not worthy enough, there also exist these bases which are going to support your claims come what may. Perhaps you will doubt yourself but there are proofs that exist to persist in believing that you actually can attain your goals. All you need is faith; for if you have it, the world will never be ceased to be amused by your masterpieces. Once you learn to accept yourself is the moment you discover a perspective that will open your eyes to possibilities. The worries and fears holding you back will no longer suffice. No harm will keep you from resisting a passionate urge expected to embark upon.

Every day is a new beginning. It empowers you to gain the strength that you need for you to be able to win over the treacherous beast within. Wake up your spirit and fall in love with your dreams all over again. Seek what makes you happy: then go for it. Make use of the lessons that the battle of life has taught you. Sustain the weapons for you must not lose. Give it all your best and leave the rest to Him.

Wounds are temporary yet wisdom remains beyond your capacity for ever. The pain will soon be over.




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City lights, oh come on.
Christmas season makes it more nostalgic to be away from home

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Abundance of Pressure When Altitude is Too High

Tonight, as usual, I’m working on requirements for school (reports, reviews, etc.). Setting aside the household chores, there’s this thing that keeps on bugging me. Every time I ask myself why I keep on trying to comply with all these stuffs without the assurance that I can get back what I really wanted to receive.

Grades. Yes, you read it right. I’m not that typical GC you might dare to call. I’m not too much of a grade conscious student. I don’t actually get depressed with grades that are being given to me; well, not as how anybody out there would rant about their miseries and curse their life to death just because he/she receives grades that he/she didn’t expect. I’m not the type of person who would give up expecting and let go of optimistic hopes for a long period of time. I might get frustrated for a while but that doesn’t make me quit searching for answers, striving for advancements, and looking forward for possibilities that might lead my path.

What’s in my mind right now is not surprisingly a huge ball of thoughts that keeps on spinning round and round… keeps on getting even bigger as time passes by… keeps on inquiring my being: Where am I? Until I come across this quotation He didn’t bring you this far to leave you. That’s probable. The Almighty Creator wouldn’t give me something I can’t handle and I trust Him for that. I trust in Him that each time I feel like putting an end into these hardships, there’s a voice inside of me that insists on telling me I got this. Of all the sacrifices I’ve had, the nights of sleep and days of comfort I’ve surrendered, the family I’ve missed, the friends I’ve separated from, the home I’ve rebuilt, and a lot more reasons which have pushed me to where I am now- constitutes the verity of my existence: proof that I am not going to take no for an answer.

I’ve reached this far, this high, and this vastness not to ditch the chances. I feel alone, incomplete, insufficient, ineffective; but these are just temporary associations from stress that emerging survival has offered me. I am pressured because I tend to always compare the goodness I attained yesterday to how great I am doing today. Thus, exerting more effort is necessary for me to supposedly excel and achieve self-transcendence through the days ahead. I am pressured because I tend to assume that I am good but it’s not enough for me to settle for less. I am pressured because I am supposed to be better than the person I had become.

Pressure that is brought about by the unlimited height of assumptions. Perhaps I can do more. Perhaps I can hurt less. Perhaps I can smile more and frown less. Perhaps I can sustain the endurance of pain. Perhaps I can stay strong and never let go of the things that matter the most.

There could be anything higher than the top. What then? Nothing but the fruits of one’s struggles to surpass himself/herself. Struggles to cope up with the pressure while he/she is at the peak of everything else he/she might ever wonder of… because at the end of the day, nothing else matters. Believe me or not. Nothing else but that grateful feeling that one has surpassed himself/ herself… realizing that circumstances vary and that we simply outgrow ourselves.

Without pressure, I wouldn’t get hard. Hard to beat.

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Try Harder. Do more. Be better. – What Inspires You?


You may take a look at these blurred photos fused into a collage that makes it even less clear to see. Oh, forget the irony.

So this is what had kept me busy last night. This is my version of what has been the so-called vision board. Actually, the images I put in it are not only my goals in life. There go the pictures of myself, my family, my colleagues, personalities I look up to, quotable lines, stunning places, architecture of ideal buildings and houses, cars, and money. Will these photos actually boost my ego and trigger me to come up with a better version of “I”?

I’ll take this time as a moment for me to release my feelings as of today… Unlike my freshman year, I cry less now that I am a Sophomore. I am not just sure if it’s because I can already endure the pain or I am already immune to frustrations that it affects me no more or just too busy to entertain my emotions. What hurts? A lot… A myriad reasons of why I find myself on the verge of crying each time I realize that I may be alone. Perhaps I’m used to do my tasks all by myself and take struggles without having to demand anyone to help me get through. It’s not that I am a self-made man but I consider myself as someone who dares to strictly follow rules and finish requirements.

Nowadays, my happiness depends whether or not I get things done. It sounds simple yet is complicated within a process. I always want methods. I always want punctual. I always want substantive. I always want comprehensive. I always want compliance. I always want to give it my best shot that I find myself competing with myself upon whom I am being too hard on. I feel abused by my desire of putting myself into a pressurized dimension of the world. I even think it’s pleasurable if I get tired, exhausted, and stressed; because I am afraid of slacking off… that I won’t rather be carefree and laid-back if it means having done nothing productive at the end of the day.

Do you see my problem here? I swear I want a life lived in its fullest. I need it. But, how can I actually compensate for the lost of the things I sacrifice for the sake of something that I deem is more important? I had been beside my family for my first 16 years of existence. I don’t have a perfect one but I can say that its members are the ones who bring out the best in me. Now I am trying to stand by my own and live in a city far away from them. We may be miles apart but that doesn’t make me love them any less. Instead, I can feel that I am falling deeper in love with them each day that I spend while suffering with the aches of my mind and my heart.  This is my decision. At some point, I have chosen this path and I have no plan of putting it off my system.

Typical student struggles: academics, allowance, peers, chores, doubts and insecurities, lackadaisical attacks, teenage issues, and a lot more. It has turned me insane in a subtle way. Yet I may find myself asking: What keeps me going all through these hardships when I can just stop and be a low-lying moron all my life? Do I even make sense? Is it even worth the fight? Who am I really? Why am I here in this damn place where survival is in the farthest reach of access? These questions kill me. It is quite a paradox that I am staying, living, searching for answers- just as I realize that the journey itself lets me hold on to hopes that I may eventually figure out what these all mean. I am strong for staying alive through my fears and weaknesses. I am a dreamer that still longs for an idealistic perspective whereas I will actually become the person I aspire to be.

Back to that vision board… well, it’s not actually a big, big deal. Fun, indeed. Such a material on my bedroom wall will remind me everyday that these are proofs that I can. I can do more. I can try harder. I can be better. Motivation doesn’t always have to mean deadlines, to-do-lists, calendars, alarm clocks, and whatsoever work-your-ass-off notes. Motivation can just be, merely, the life I had yesterday, the life I have today, and the life I will have tomorrow. Inspiration comes from within. It tells me, “Carry on” …there’s so much episodes to encounter. This is not yet the end- I am not yet there but I’m on my way.

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