One day you came

Lights of burning flame

Melted the frozen

Shadows of fallen

Unfathomable perhaps

It never lapsed

When waves rage

Uncrumpled page

Starts to drop

Back from top

‘Cause I know soon

Counts of moon

Once you said ‘hi’

Is another ‘goodbye’

Now wind blows

Nobody even knows

Even rhymes do

Fade like colors

Mute like sounds

Dropped by the pain

Of this strange feeling

We cannot even call


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You’re the Strongest Caffeine

Such a stimulation

Of emotions in a thousand ways

A natural pesticide that kills

Anything that lands upon

Keeping the drowsy

Beats alert

Like mood elevator

Can never forget

Those riddles being sent

In the middle of the night

At times in a day

A second seems

Like a decade

Or centuries that won’t

Last forever

An indirect hint

Of vagueness taking away

Peace of mind stirring

Rounding some unique mixture

Xanthine alkaloid compound

Needed to be engulfed

In moderation

But still

I cannot get enough

When you get even stronger

Each time I wake up

And taste your bittersweet regards.


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Drowned by these mountain-piled

Papers not by tears

Outrageous flow of courage

Extracted universe

Now it’s thirst for fulfillment

That insists to empower

Such fuel can never

Ever get dry

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When things seem tough

And you can’t just let go

Try to stop for a moment

Attempt to think no more

Deep inside you know

That what will be the best

Is oftentimes the hardest

Risk this confrontation

Beast may be ferocious

But this moment might

Never, ever come again

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Do you still remember

How to keep calm

When you don’t have to worry

For the days ahead

Let the sorrows leave

So you may grow

Perhaps it’s uneasy to believe

We can get better than this

It takes courage to stay

You have not yet had enough

Hang on


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Darkness that encircles

Your eyes

Seemed so heavy

And you find it

Hard to search

For the light

Just breathe

It will get alright

The comfort of your home

Is yet to be reached

When time comes

That you practice

What you preach

Stay still

Life is well-spent

If it is real

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That put you inside

The pressure cooker

Insisting you survive


Who told you so

That you must be perfect

When you barely pass

Those freaking tests


Nobody pushes you

On the verge of death

But yourself

Resistance of judgments


Why won’t you accept

If criticisms are constructive

Don’t you even dare

To escape so frantic


Like now

You’ve been typing

These words in

Five minutes


As the fingers

In your hand

Sway in the air

Bid good bye


Next is steadily


Promising shadows

That you wouldn’t break


Yeah, you couldn’t break

Records of notable

Dilemmas and sparks

You must not break down


Look up

To the sky

And never ever attempt

To close your eyes


From this world

All you have is you

All they have is you

You decide


Whether to sleep

Or stay awake

The reality is out there

Waiting to be lived


Dreams are chances

For you to imagine

The days you weren’t able

To reach out


Now is the time

To start over and stand up

Words spoken are more

Heartfelt when done

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Morning dew

Sunlight rays through

The glass windows

Opening another day


Scorching heat

Another time to beat

Weary eyes

Skimming through crowd


Before the crown

Sets off again

Ask the train

A route to go


Where art thou

Fruits and juices

Of blood and sweat

Hard-earned survival


Lethal fate injects

Passed grades

Apart from stains

Of tears and dirt


Less than is not

What she settles for

Try second, strive first

Until she jitters.



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Drops That Won’t Fall

Speckled moist

Of blood and sweat

Through hard-earned days

And sleepless nights


Dew of sorrow

Condensed sobs

Evaporated smiles

Shades of shadow


When rhymes appear so sudden

Can pass through wall

Embrace such pleasing burden

Tears I can’t let fall

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For You

Still, there remains some good in this world that is worth the fight

When everything seems to fall apart, it might just seem right

I stay standing against the odds, throughout the sight

With all my strength, with all my might


Hold tight. There’s so much more to look forward to.

Everything I do, I do it for you.

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