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We might hate t…

We might hate those bad days but in the end those bad days make us stronger.

Well, I don’t actually consider the whole day as bad one. Upon quoting this I meant these ‘bad days’ to be an association of the challenges that we meet in our daily lives. Prior to people’s knowledge that without a challenge, we can’t excel. Mediocrity is stable but it won’t bring us anywhere. Never settle for less than what we’re deserving of.

Maybe this is it for today. Again, I’m trying to convince myself that I had a good day and better ones ahead. Good night!

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Fear not… for…

Fear not… for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. -Luke 12:32

As I leave our home today as early as 4:30 in the morning to continue living a college life (together with other two awesome people I regard as sisters of mine), we traveled from the southern part of Luzon until the northernmost part of the country. It is never an easy task for me even though there’s a proof that the reasons why I have to sacrifice self-centered ambitions are the dreams I’ve been chasing- Dreams which are meant to give comfort, happiness, and contentment to the people I’ve been leaving for the meantime. Gaining the strength that I need for this journey is really difficult for I am scared. I am afraid of considering the chances that I cannot make things happen; but for now, I am grateful to the promise that I’ve been holding on… a promise of praising God forever because I know that while He is there, I can never be alone. Challenges won’t disappear right away but I know that as long as the intentions are from the heart, the battle is won. God will never fail us.

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