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All Izz Well

All Izz Well

The 3 Idiots! There they go again. Watching them a myriad times still brings me the same emotions such as alternately laughing then crying then being so joyful- that it’s too hard to keep one’s sanity. I was actually going through some tough days of my life being on college and one of my stress-reliever is watching movies. It’s not a mistake to choose this one for the afternoon break. This is truly amazing and a provider of lifelong lessons perhaps the humor is just the bonus chunk.

The first one says, “Life is a race, Run fast or you’ll get trampled”; but “Don’t chase success, chase excellence and success will follow”, claims the another. What really matters? Finding it out is the challenge therein.

“You should dump your fears or you’ll regret it on your deathbed.”
All Izz Well… All Izz Well.

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