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Year’s Last Week for School: Start it right!

The year’s end is approaching in a steadfast manner. I guess it’s time to realize that no matter how much of these challenges which confronted us throughout this year, nothing could beat the count of the blessings which were bestowed upon us. So shall we be starting to reflect that all the ups and downs we’ve faced are nevertheless withstood by the love of God?

Things that we do for our fellowmen, either big or small, are nothing compared to what fully constitutes ourselves and the lives that we live. By simply tying the shoelace of an old woman you see in the market carrying a bag of goods; or giving a bottle of water to an old woman seating beside you in the church, skirmished with coughs; or giving an old man something to eat or at least something to buy him food, for he gets weaker each day he stays under the scorching heat of the sun; or buying some turon or lumpia  from a little boy selling merienda down the streets, so he will have baon the next day; or buying a bigger plastic bag to put all the goods you’ve bought in the market, from a little girl going around to help her family; or thinking that maybe you could help a woman carry some of the bags with her as she takes the stairs up in the overpass; or letting go of your change from the money you’ve paid as fare to the drivers because you think that they need those coins more than how you might just spend them extravagantly; or helping your classmates with their tasks even if you know they could be a lot smarter than you; or treating a schoolmate who hadn’t eaten lunch; or helping a friend hesitating to send some messages to a person she wants to talk to; or bringing pasalubong once you get home; or helping your aunt with her business during sembreak; or appreciating people about honestly what you think of them such as telling them they look good, thanking them for being nice, greeting them on special events, and most of all letting them know that you care; or simply being a decent person, showing the real you. And a lot more than that.

We might do these kinds of things out of generosity and a sense of humanity perhaps for me, it is an act of love. It is an act of showing to the world who really is the child of God. I know this feeling because I’ve done those things, I knew how it felt like, and most of all I am not telling this for me to flaunt that I’m a good Christian. I write it here to inspire other people to do the same, or even more, or at least avoid the unnecessary. Still, let us not forget humility and assure ourselves that actions do not only come from the mind. Give them with all our hearts.


Photo taken just this morning before I attend an ‘Aeromarathon for a Cause’ (I won’t be describing it in full details)

There I wore a yellow shirt. A brand new Levi’s because I don’t have a shirt with that color. It did not cost me too much anyway. I just mentioned the yellow color because our professor told us to wear such kind of top because she’s going to wear black. Want to know why? “Because I’d be Gru, and you’d be my minions”, she said so I laughed. She heard the loudness of it and I thought I’d be embarrassed in the class but she smiled at me.

A while ago, I woke up at 4AM then I went directly to the bathroom and have a very cold shower. Considering that the temperature here in this town where I’m at is 11°C, I definitely enjoyed it. By the way it’s a hobby of mine. I fell asleep again after my bathe. Few hours passed and I got ready to go to school’s Court A and sweat it all out!

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