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Dare to Exist

The world is dynamic. Its essence is life that is full of vitality, full of wonder, full of energizing elements constituting the verity of our very own existence. Perhaps one might deem the creation itself as problematic due to some uncertainties. Then, how are we supposed to understand things? Do we need to allot rigorous researches in order to support our claims? Can the contextualization of our experiences and conditions be served as evidences only to prove that we aren’t deceived by our beliefs? Of course we tend to speak and stand up for what we think is true… while others tend to tell lies in order to protect themselves from judgments.

As human beings, we are presented the choices. We are given the chance to decide for our own. The result depends upon the basis of analysis that we have considered to look through. What makes sense doesn’t always get picked. Sometimes, what humans yearn for are ignorant derivations from shallowness, leaving the actual necessity that is to be executed within a process.

Understanding does not primarily mean just gazing at the meaning, says one of the excerpts from a line among the texts. It simply states that “to understand” suggests that we take into consideration the holistic value of others and the associations of one another. It then implies that we shall not only judge according to what our eyes can merely see or what our ears can merely hear. We have to examine things beneath circumstances, beneath perspectives. We listen no matter how inaudible the rational noise is, no matter how soft it whispers.

Knowing grasps reality- that is knowledge. For without knowledge, no fair justice might be administered. Without knowledge, we let go of the opportunities that we once deserved. Without knowledge, we get caught by the dogmatic persistence that is not even from our own way of comprehension. We eventually lose ourselves, at least in that case.

“Being-there”, “in-one-another-ness”, “Being-alongside”, authenticity or inauthenticity, and “potentiality-for-Being” are some of the most striking words to symbolize an entity termed as Dasein wherein existential conditions are attended. Here comes the fortification of possibilities, the anticipation of what can be put into actualization. Its significance doesn’t only lie amongst the description of one character, but throughout the world. It somehow signifies the entirety of the components of the world- self, others, and the linkages that bond the interaction, discoveries, exploration, and a lot more variations that create interconnectedness between them.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter whether or not which is true and which is false according to what a person thinks over your own awareness. What truly brings you to the peak of knowledge is knowing what would you actually fight for, what you believe makes sense, what you believe is worth the wait, what you believe could possibly exist, without the fear of failures.

A thought piece, for example, dares to exist… fail now, try again. Nobody is certain.

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What’s Good About Losing

A chilly evening, guys! This time I’m going to share to you an article I wrote back when I was in high school. It’s just an ordinary piece of literary that was once published by maBCAS. It’s not the kind of work that goes too deep but something that comes from the heart… because I, too, had experienced failing. Through this, I’ve found a way to actually motivate myself and other people to never give up. We all pass through thick and thin moments. We’re being challenged- and sometimes it’s not actually the destination that really matters. It is about the journey and how we traveled it.

Always winning can be boring. Let us try the different spices all over. Cheer up, man! 

What’s Good About Losing

“Congratulations!”- Who wouldn’t like to be acknowledged for a job well done? A loser might have wished to hear this, too.

Everytime a sun sets off is a sign of another day coming towards us. People would always have to prove something. Bring up the best. Get the tasks accomplished. Stand out among the crowd. That’s us. We believe that we deserve to be accredited. No more. No less. But what we wanted cannot always happen. ‘Expect the unexpected’, they usually say. Expectations and disappointments may come out together. It is not always a wonderful surprise or a planned activity that is to be followed. We just have to deal with the stresses of life… and a follow-up question “How could I even…?”

Accept the fact that we all have a turn to lose! Life is hard and unruly. We are all warriors by chance with our lives as swords and this world as the battleground. We cannot please everyone just by being ‘an ordinary man with his typical exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide processed in an entire life’. A fight is what it takes to win and therefore be hailed as a victor. From simply winning a writing contest or a marathon, into winning a deal from foreign investors or be recognized in a business forum, even until winning the nation’s Presidence candidacy or one’s self being featured in the coverpage of Forbes magazine- can be regarded as an adventure, a voyage sailed by a battleship. Two chances at stake, and those are: whether to make it or not.

Winning set aside, there’s something to look forward into. An essence of what is really worth fighting for would make us realize how our struggles could make our hopes and dreams come true, without a fear of losing. Some people might still had a doubt and others might say “I think I was born to be a loser just how it sucks to be me”. But does that person really know the purpose of his existence? Will God ever create man to lose everything under the sun? Definitely, the answer is NO. We are all reared in purpose, not ever the same but has something to contribute to the planet Earth.

Can you imagine yourself living in a perfect world? No worries and no mistake. The thrill is nowhere to be found. No more learnings, not even surprises to burst us the excitement. A boring vicinity surrounds the atmosphere. Just like how it may actually look like in a battle without a winner and a loser. A winner could have had it all yet a loser could have had more than that. That’s what is great about losing. The real wisdom of why losers are considered worth existing. Without them, a low-lying spirit could have just been contented with a passion itself. There’s a significance why there exists a loser in every battle for a tough man will consider ‘losing’ as part of his way to success and that determination and dedication are always at risk as wealthy foundation of becoming an even greater individual.

No matter what happens, there’s a fight to continue and its principles to pursue. Win or lose, a noble heart can resist whatever the result may be. There’s always a better day that lies ahead and much more reasons to prove one’s self as a wonderful creation of God. And that what makes everyone a champion. So now, do you think simply being ‘you’ is the good thing about losing?

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Candy Wrappers

Today happens to be so typical. It’s just so unfair if I couldn’t give a simple smile. So here’s a photo of me which, at least on my perspective, shows my gratitude. Something gave me that sweet smile for this day. Candy wrappers! Yes. There were these little things in life that we need to value- No matter how big or small they may come. 


I have this professor in a Communication subject last semester whom I didn’t like that much. One of the psychological reasons on why I just couldn’t appreciate her in class (though my professors are persons with distinctions anywhere in the Laude ranking) was because the papers I’ve worked hard for, were returned outright to my face that if a paper could just speak, it might have said “You failed!”. I was so rejected that I could see the red ink of the pen as spurts of blood splattering on my papers.

The following semester started. One of the subjects I’ve chosen to take was English; only to find out that she would be my professor for the second time. Inexplicably, I felt a glimpse of joy. Before the class had begun, we were asked to introduce ourselves with our names and other information I couldn’t remember anymore. One thing I’m certain of was the line “Something eccentric about me is…” which everyone was required to fill up as the last part in the introduction. I was seated in front so I was one of the first students who were called. I ended it with “Something eccentric about me is… that I am actually a left-handed person but I write with my right hand”. They were amused as if I spoke to entertain them. Sorry guys, but I didn’t think it’s funny. Although I honestly thought of myself as awesome on that part. Now (kidding aside), our professor liked our class so much and we knew it because she was telling us. Here’s to cite some of the eccentricities: production of lizard sound, recitation while sleeping in class, mastery of corny jokes, excess teeth, weird hand gestures, talking while asleep, and a lot more. During class discussions, everyone was witty- a combination of people from light to serious.

We were assigned to do some writing tasks every time. Instead of worrying for the results I might receive, I tried my best to feel laid-back. I chose to be a positive person by thinking that the past had taught me. I would commit the same mistakes unless there would be the proper application of knowledge from what I have learned.

Early this morning, she came in to the room with a basket full of sweets. Candies and chocolates were distributed to all of us. As she discussed the remaining lessons, I could see the glint from her eyes before she immediately gave her usual whimsical remark, ” I am not crying! Why would I cry over you? ” We laughed. I felt some pain in the chest, reminiscent of her instructions during the orientation- that she would be leaving before the year ends; that means by 2014, she’s no longer be the one who’s going to teach us.

Sheets of papers, which were just returned to me a while ago, stunned me as I look through them. I didn’t just pass, I had it perfect. The red pen scrutinized nothing. Marks of it only indicated a fanciful note that appeared to me, not anymore as a bloody commentary, but a sweet cognizance I could ever receive from a mentor. Once again, I got another reason which I could add to my mountain-piled proofs that ‘challenges come before success’. Challenges are actually our friends that will truthfully make us realize our first-hand excellency.

I’d keep this wrappers forever like how I’m going to treasure such a discovery of myself.

It’s neither a wonderful farewell nor a good bye, Ma’am! See you someday 🙂

P.S. I would want to share my essay entitled “Finish Line”, but I can’t. It’s too personal yet I have to say that it really is a striking story of mine.

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