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Chasing the Man in Façade


I’m giving you a glimpse of what I’ll be posting (soon) about my recent tour. Here’s an original photo among a myriad shots.

*Perhaps this picture doesn’t completely materialize the meaning of my poem I just wrote. It just serves as something to get you visualized.

here it goes…

Wide awake in the world of blurred vision

Loud enough to hear the softest tones for music

Flames and snow balls fused by raging opinion

Nobody noticed that oxygen turned toxic

Struggling against the raging storm as

The man passed through the darkness

Skirmished getting up from stumbling as

He stayed still midst of the whirling winds

Each stride he took was sustained

Therefore I must preserve my words to rhyme

Because if they would be maintained

Then I might also match his time

Chunked into pieces seeing him cry behind those smiles

Crushed when he turned away from the ones he love the most

But glued together as I discover his hope compiles

A myriad sacrifices sworn across that coast

Dared to ask him why and ask him how

He could endure the pain and chose to fight

Perhaps he’s troubled right now

He did not answer yet held his grip so tight

In lieu of giving up the faith he only had

He stood still despite the daily dose of frustration intake

Decided to join the battle and seemed just façade

Someday there’d be sense which we’re all trying to make

Rushing beats of heart opened up my eyes,

Found myself awake, seen through an open door.

Daybreak- But what’s gotten me more surprised?

In my dreams I chase the man in the mirror

Escapist no more.

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