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Womanitely: 10 Wise Ways to Redefine Yourself


Vitality is to be gained not just by a day you feel like being alive. The purpose of your existence is yet to be defined as you search for it, while you aim at those goals that are turned into possibilities. We choose what we become so dare to be happy.

This site so useful to somehow quench some thirst for uncertainty and confusion. Also, it captures the significant thoughts that are simple but are so helpful. The things that are cited do actually make sense for they don’t just state the obvious good thing to do, but also reflect upon the condition of the people who are seeking for a push to get started, to keep going, and to eventually be so madly in love with the situation that they are in.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how much you get tired of trying. It’s the effort that counts. It’s not the destination that is the greatest of all, but the journey itself.

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This song is so laid-back. How I wish its innocence could still reflect the visions I had in life. Hopes might be impossible, but the message transcends something that targets the heart.

Contentment. Peace of mind. Joy.

It’s so simple, but why does it seem like it isn’t. Sometimes.

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Escapist No More

Why can’t it be

Just a pathway full of roses

Leading to a sunset view

Where the one you’ve always dreamed of waits~~

KC Concepcion’s Not Like the Movies

Oh, wait. Look who’s here …


Throwbaaaack from the time when I was 14 (turning 15 in less than two weeks).

My aunt took a couple pictures of me v^.^v

Now that I am turning 17 in less than three weeks, I can say that things change like seasons do. Two years had passed, giving me so much to remember- be it happiness, sorrow, excitement, madness, fright… anything. I can’t deny the nostalgia that it brings me whenever I had the chance to reflect.

If you had ever heard of Not Like the Movies sung by KC Concepcion, I guess it’d be easier for you to put your self through the perspective I’m seeing. Technically, I must realize I’m not getting any younger. Prior to this, I’ve found a way to relate a song, a collage, and a life of a young woman who loved fantasizing. She’d gotten so in love with the world created by her mind; that when it’s time to return to reality, she just wouldn’t stop asking why things wouldn’t just fall into their proper places. Why couldn’t the situations be like the ones she had imagined?

Grow up, man. I always tell myself to embrace maturity but now I must say, this is something I can’t earn in a blink of an eye. Age can’t even dictate a person’s maturity level perhaps it’s a factor. Over the years, I’ve fallen, I’ve cried, I’ve got so scared, I’ve planned stepping back, I’ve been defeated… I was wounded, scarred, and eventually healed. That’s a natural cycle, isn’t it?

Well, upon enumerating some of the things I went through, I shall be brave enough to ask myself: Could I be any braver, wiser, and stronger if not because of those experiences which had taught me to keep on going and never get tired of standing up?

I’m your average dreamer
I’m a true escapist
Always expecting a happy ending

– Good bye to this song that will always play on my soundtrack to remind me that change is vital, it keeps us moving.

…because today, I don’t wish for happy ending; yet I look forward for greater possibilities I may encounter along this journey of human life. Extraordinary.

There’s no more of that escapist inside me. I’ve faced tough situations, so I can do it until this story of mine is done. It shouldn’t fade away. I’d keep the fire burning everyday.

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Growth Rings


First of all, I wanna greet this woman who inspires me in many ways- a happy happy birthday! To my dearest Emily Browning, who played the role of Baby Doll in an American fantasy action film ‘Sucker Punch’, may you continue to live a life to the fullest and inspire more people with your wonderful ways. God Bless ♥

P.S. Her birthday was on the 7th day of December. *Timeline circumstance 😉

I’m going to share today an insight about the class I attended in Speech Communication.

Growth Rings

A soothing music pacified the atmosphere of the Speech laboratory as part of the activity that we’re supposed to have on that day. We were asked to rearrange our seats where we would feel undisturbed. Momentarily, all we have to do was to focus within ourselves; then nobody else matters. I am aware of the aspect that was being aimed at during the time when we closed our eyes- Intrapersonal Communication.

Provided the colored paper that we’re going to use, there was this set of instructions to be followed as we go along the process of self-communicating. Since we only have to mind our own businesses, my attention was only centered to what I should do and not to what others were doing. Generally, I’d have to draw a tree. I started drawing its roots: the people who raise me and nurture me as I grow. I owe them this wonderful life. The next part was the trunk where nothing was depicted except for some strokes of curved lines forming layers of semi-circle on the rightmost part. Then I drew the branches: the significant people who made my life even more special. Thereafter, the topmost components were drawn such as flowers, leaves, and fruits. Each of them brought an impact to me as a person: the flowers contained happiness, the changes were inside the leaves, and the fruits portrayed my achievements.

Upon seeing the completed structure of the tree, I felt something that fulfilled me. It was an unusual kind of emotions which lingered through my veins. Looking at my drawing was like reflecting on a mirror wherein I could see myself not just with a single perspective, but with a variety of hopes, dreams, and wishes. All those sketches were undoubtedly the scattered pieces of me trying to reconnect so as to realize the reasons why I’ve hold on for so long. The tree made me reflect the purpose of my existence. My parents, grandparents, siblings, distant relatives, and friends were the casts behind these strengths and weaknesses. The signs of places and material things came in through thick and thin. In my sight, they all swayed in harmony; a balance between positivity and negativity. Rise when I fail. Bend when I’m about to break. Take a rest if I must, but do not quit. Those are the words that express how much inspired I am to see a healthy living tree inside of me.

Among all the subparts, there was one independent section that I volunteered to draw. I believe that every tree of life has this portion. When thinking of a symbolic representation of maturity, survival, and vitality, I suddenly thought of putting up the illustration of growth rings. Having it placed on a medium-sized yet tough-looking trunk showed the courage I had through the years. Also, the growth rings served as interface between the nourishing roots through the sturdy trunk and the branches carrying out the flowers, leaves, and fruits that spiced up the color of my life, my world. I just loved everything about it. It was imperfect; perhaps I knew it’s real!

Comprehensively, I learned a lot from this creative exercise- not just academically but in a holistic manner unto which we could discover the better versions of ourselves and explore the outer and inner world. It’s important for the people to appreciate life by taking a time to reflect about one’s self and his/her environment. We often forget the value of ourselves that we lose track of the path we’ve wanted to take until we’ve rebuilt the understanding on how important it is to have our lives been lived to the fullest. Always remember that while there is life, the growth rings shall stay forever… Keep going and make your life remark a greater character!

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