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One day you came

Lights of burning flame

Melted the frozen

Shadows of fallen

Unfathomable perhaps

It never lapsed

When waves rage

Uncrumpled page

Starts to drop

Back from top

‘Cause I know soon

Counts of moon

Once you said ‘hi’

Is another ‘goodbye’

Now wind blows

Nobody even knows

Even rhymes do

Fade like colors

Mute like sounds

Dropped by the pain

Of this strange feeling

We cannot even call


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Craze I Never Get Used To

A smile that can light up the dim halls of my desolation

A voice that can break the silence that almost tears me

A shadow that can paintĀ color to blank walls of my mind

A touch of breeze, A tasteĀ of exotic bittersweet I cannot spit


This joy kills me

It is temporary

Indulged into madness yet temporarily

It still feels heaven that you exist


I’ll leave it

For the future

I’ll not wish for more


Sparks that I do not know

Who else can see

But me


You’re not even mine.


— A poetry, real quick. Like this moment, seized.

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