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Damn You

Thousands of footsteps

Brought me somewhere

Today when my mind

Seemed deeply sunk into

The depth of a million

Contrasted, unfathomable

Thoughts that strongly

Persistently led me home

Tonight when my heart

Went trapped in an endless

Tinted flow of unfading hues

Embarked in shadows

Tarnished by your remarkably

Irresistible existence

Damn you

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Lemme share you some crap~

This morning, I just brisk walked Leonila Hill- Aurora Hill- Trancoville- Bonifacio- Rambakan Drive- UP. Ha! Another skill unlocked. Yeah, I know it’s some kind of madness. I just don’t like seeing people getting late because taxi’s and PUJ’s are fully loaded; plus the traffic is even heavier now that road constructions are ongoing everywhere. Also, I hate to be one of them lol It takes almost an hour to take my daily route via rides so I tried to exercise in a bit and found out that it took lesser minutes hahahahaha #fyi walkathon everyday -.-

P.S. I was dumbfounded thinking that I might get late. Doors were still locked… damn! I’m an hour earlier for my first class.

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I often see myself as an investment which rooted from the expectations of my family. Others might say that it’s not good to pressure myself upon these fixed goals. Actually, I consider this frame of reference as my mission. I want to aim something; and so, nothing can stop me from struggling to reach the target.

What’s the use of dreaming? If you don’t have faith, there’s nothing worth believing.

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