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When Wounds Whirled Wisdom

Just, never get tired of trying. Positivity, persistence, and patience are what you need to keep on track. Don’t lose that sense of wonder you’ve been holding on for too long. You’ve not been this far to stop and acquire nothing. You might feel down for a while but that does not mean staying in the darkness. Another day will come and you will find new reasons to continue searching for the light. You will realize that everything pays off. Of course you wouldn’t like to harvest rotten fruits at the end of the season, would you?

So smile! Yes, you who’s reading this right now. Why should you?

Because you are wonderful…

for waking up this morning even if you feel like laying down all day

for pursuing the plans you’ve drafted the last time you feel excited

for beaming like how the sun shines to everyone on your way

for cheering up the vibes though you already feel exhausted

for staying in tune with the path that you have chosen

for striving despite the verdicts’ eyes on your acts

for struggling while heat seems so frozen

for risking across a myriad cracks

for fighting with all your heart

for trying with all your might

for breathing until tonight


Remember that while there are things which make you feel you’re not worthy enough, there also exist these bases which are going to support your claims come what may. Perhaps you will doubt yourself but there are proofs that exist to persist in believing that you actually can attain your goals. All you need is faith; for if you have it, the world will never be ceased to be amused by your masterpieces. Once you learn to accept yourself is the moment you discover a perspective that will open your eyes to possibilities. The worries and fears holding you back will no longer suffice. No harm will keep you from resisting a passionate urge expected to embark upon.

Every day is a new beginning. It empowers you to gain the strength that you need for you to be able to win over the treacherous beast within. Wake up your spirit and fall in love with your dreams all over again. Seek what makes you happy: then go for it. Make use of the lessons that the battle of life has taught you. Sustain the weapons for you must not lose. Give it all your best and leave the rest to Him.

Wounds are temporary yet wisdom remains beyond your capacity for ever. The pain will soon be over.




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Termites on the Wood

I’m getting busier these past few days but I truly cherish each moment. Today, I attended the lectures conducted by a professor who’s flying to London anytime soon. I also finished watching a movie about Life of Buddha: Prince Siddhartha. Life is wonderful only if we learn how to appreciate. It’s not easy but God has never left me.

Termites on the Wood


Photo from the website of ‘Orkin’

There’s no ladder to climb when the top rung is reserved for people with a certain name”, says an excerpt from an article “Is Nepotism So Bad?” that has been published years ago by Forbes magazine.

Basically, a family is a cordial unit consisting of individuals who are closely related to each other. Its members have a commonality in terms of ancestry or shared genealogy. Conceptualizing this idea of having a family among the human inhabitants, gives rise to issues regarding the political, social, spiritual, cultural, and historical aspects of life. Each family has its values, beliefs, and traditions that are being followed throughout the generations which can immensely affect other people and the environment where it belongs.

Family comes as the first priority especially to Filipinos. It upholds various cultural practices and local customs that are being kept alive through the years. Blood is thicker than water, they usually say. It signifies faithfulness to loved ones and stays as if it’s a promise to hold on until forever- that a family member will always be more important than anyone else. The bond remains whatever happens. There’s a term called utang na loob which implies that every favor that a person does for another will be remembered every time- so it seems like the person who has been helped is in compromise with the person whom he/she owes something.

Martin Ljunge established a research saying, “I find that family ties are strongly associated with attitudes that are important for building societies with higher mutual respect and fiscal capacity, attitudes I label ‘civic virtues’. (Those with close family ties were) substantially more disapproving of tax and benefit cheating, corruption, and a range of other activities which involve a personal benefit at the expense of other individuals.”

Relationship among the descendants is a factor to consider in analyzing the impact that affiliation can bring to society. At first, most of the effects that will appear on a person’s mind are the advantages of close family ties; but if this context will be conceived in a deeper sense, that person might think twice. To what extent can ‘close family ties’ be detrimental to mankind?

Nepotism exists in an institution when a man of authority grants a favor to his relative who does not even pass the qualifications being required in that position. It is an act of being unfair to others, who no matter how passionate they are to work hard for their jobs, will be replaced just because they are not related to someone who acts as superior- a man who expects something that their investments can give back. Transferring the rights to control people of lower rank is definitely a wrong step to take for it is a form of discrimination that will displace productivity in the system.

Higher authorities are often blinded by power that they forget to sustain the veracity of their actions. They become irrational the moment they reach the top- and to unravel some evidences, three major factors (based on an article written about Corruption in India) of this causality will be enumerated. First, the person receiving the favor is expected to commit himself/herself to the organization of his/her superior. Second, the vulnerability of both the superior and its follower to illegitimate and crooked means of obtaining wealth increases. They are being tempted by luxurious things that will elevate their status. Third is the cultural setup wherein there is a demand for an innovation to take place. Thus, the household provider will be pressured to earn more money in a least time consuming manner. This greed will serve as a weakness while bribery approaches.

It is also necessary to reflect on the outcome of unscrupulousness brought by corruption. Think of the qualities of the person who can possibly represent the character of the non-related commoners and imagine what might happen once he realizes that he is being cheated on. No matter how loyal he is, the efforts will be dysfunctional due to unethical treatment. Low salaries tend to build up insufficiency and negative attitude. Instead of developing a high rate of production, opportunities will soon be put into waste because of morality degradation. Hope for progression diminishes.

American political scientist Joseph Nye said, “Corruption is behavior which deviates from the formal duties of a public role because of private-regarding (personal, close family, private clique) pecuniary or status gains; or violates rules against the exercise of certain private-regarding influence.” This explains how corruption may take place in a subtle manner, through the gaps of loose mind that needs to be tightened up.

Corruption and termites seem to show no indifference at all. They both feed up on the trunks of what used to be the host of these hunger games, where the favor is always with the higher authorities yet the common people are to be sacrificed. Woods may symbolize the unity of every Filipino family but the greedy ambitions gradually consume our land, our nation- slowly dying, depleting, and decaying.

Shall we stand as one or just let it fall apart? Vague question perhaps it does make sense.

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